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Chapters & Books

Written 1/27/2015

Wouldn’t it be an experience to go back and read the Chapters of your life? I’m certain some chapters would be difficult to re-experience while others would fill you with joy again. How many of these chapters does it take to fill your book? Or are they different compilations of books in one enormous book? I feel that significant events or changes constitute as a new book in itself.

Therefore; today I cracked open a freshly bound, but unwritten New Book in this crazy life of mine. After 28 years of working in, around, and with children, I’ve moved on to something foreign to me – a career field that does not involve children. Whoa! Right?! This was a very difficult decision to make but in the end, paying bills, having a place to live, and having food on the table won the argument. When you weigh the pros and cons, sometimes you have to give up something you love in order to survive. Of those 28 years, 15 of them were spent as some sort of a manager in the education industry. Whether it was as a teacher’s trainer, director of a program, managing a single location, or assisting on a larger scale with the facility in general, I’ve always been, for the most part in the “kid” and “education” business. So, when it came down to it, the experiences I’ve gained through management – more specifically, administrative tasks – have opened a door, providing me an opportunity that my family so desperately needed.

I’m out of my element with the “product” because kids and sheet metal fabrication have nothing to do with one another but like any new experience, it takes time and patience to learn the new language and lingo. This week was tough. I have the skills and the ability to do the work, but being out of practice makes me feel slow. There’s also a ton of information that I’m learning how to mentally and administratively process. By the end of the day, my head was spinning from all the information but I know this is the right things to do.

I may not walk into a school every day, hug a student, or chat with another educator about the pros and cons of public education, curriculum differences, or how to make every moment a teachable moment but my heart and actions will always be those of a teacher because I believe in education.

This new book is a genre I’m unfamiliar with and honestly, it scares the Hell out of me. But, since I’ve cracked it open, I might as well sit for a spell, dig in, and see where the story takes me.

Here’s to NEW BOOKS!

Weekly Photo Challenge – New!

I’m definitely more than a novice in the kitchen. However, baking has become a challenging new for me and this was my first homemade pie EVER!

Here’s to NEW kitchen adventures in 2015!


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