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Just think how amazing it would be if everyone were all on the same mental page. Seriously. My bestie co-worker friend, Ms. B and I finish each other’s sentences, often break out in song in the middle of conversations, and somehow always manage to sync random sentences to song titles and phrases. We’re weird. We know it. We accept it. We have fun! It’s definitely the best part of my day…my work day, that is. She and I are complete opposites. She’s black. I’m white. She’s disorganized. I’m almost neurotically organized. She’s LOUD. I’m only loud when I need to be. She’s messy. I’m always picking up after her. She’s ADHD. I’m focused. She flies by the seat of her pants. I like to have a plan. But even with all the differences, we have the same love for laughter and our work day is filled with non-stop laughs and giggles. We’re like Yin and Yang. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Peanut butter and jelly. Mutt and Jeff. Bonnie and Clyde… and any other crazy, balanced, and complimenting pair you can think of.

Students come in, make a disaster of the media center and she hisses at them in her Sméagol voice, telling them she’s about to “manifest”. I do my best not to bust a gut as I tidy the mess. Likewise, she lets lose a hearty belly laugh when I release the wit monster. We’re good for each other. We bring out the best in each other. And when one of us is a little off, the other provides a little comedic relief. She’s like my family and no one gets us like family.

It’s been a tough week. IE: Book returns from 22 classrooms, re shelving probably close to 1000 books , Christmas store, 3 days of special teacher lunches, absentees, demanding teachers, and on and on…and honestly, if it weren’t for my opposite gal pal sista from another mista, I’d need a prescription for some Z bars…or a bottomless wine cellar. I have neither and really, all I need is the shenanigans we create between the two of us. Thanks Ms. B for keeping me sane even if our laughter always makes us appear insane to the rest of the humorless lot.

From shenanigans to the Twilight Zone -> home.

Chick #3: Interrupted my thinking by loudly singing “STOP!” Followed by, “It’s hammer time!”

I cut my eyes over to her, waiting for the next random outburst. “STOP!”  To which I concluded, “In the name of love!”  Chick #3 giggled and sang back, “STOP! Collaborate and listen!’ Chick #2, not wanting to be bested, “Stop! Don’t touch me there. That’s my no no square.”

I looked up at her and in all dry, seriousness asked, “Square? Shouldn’t that be … triangle?!”

She left the room.