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I Had Fun … Playing with my Chicken

Chick #3 and I decided to get Chinese food for dinner. Of course she always has something interesting to say or comment on.  First,  she told me that her friends thought she was high or drunk. To which she responded…that’s not possible.  She’s been sick this week fighting congestion,  sore throat,  and a hoarse voice and being that she’s already kind of ditzy, I think the lack of oxygen has made it worse. She didn’t think it was too funny that her friends compared her allergy situation to the effects of drugs or that they called her a drunk squirrel because her voice kept squeaking.  I, on the other hand, can see the humor in this because she’s really been out of it. Then,  she suddenly jumped to sewing a chicken!  Haha! And this is where I actually started paying attention to her story.  Yes!  I admit it! I don’t always listen to every single word because this Chick will talk forever!  Apparently,  she was feeling a bit loopy and went into a fit of oxygen deprived laughter during sewing class because she was sewing her chicken’s… crotch.  Don’t ask.  I’m still confused as to why they are making a chicken in sewing class.  WTH?! Hmmmm.