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Mom! You just RUINED my mind!

Chick #3 has a way with words. I RUINED her mind. I ruined her mind. Sheesh. Settle down already. Such Drama!

The chick has been obsessed with another Netflix series – Bones. I’ll admit the show is fairly decent and when I am watching an episode with her, I pretty much enjoy it. It’s just not a series I feel I can sit and veg to. It’s interesting and all but not like Breaking Bad. Nope. Not anywhere close to it at all.  And since Chick #3 is so willing to volunteer episode details, (even when not asked) I really don’t have to watch it. Now do I?

Today’s episode report was pretty interesting because as Liv says, “It was about role playing. You do know what that is? Right, mom?” As if I know what that is – wow! So I said, “Role playing? You mean where the girl pretends to be someone like – Alice in Wonderland and the guy is the Mad Hatter?” Now mind you, this wasn’t me being a smart ass. I was genuinely being serious because I really wasn’t exactly sure what SHE meant by role playing. She immediately retorted, “EWWWW! MOM! You just RUINED my mind!”  To which, I now can’t stop giggling.

Ok Liv, so tell me what the episode was about then because I’m clearly confused about what your definition of role playing is. She then begins to tell me this story about how the men were acting like horses and the women would ride them and how one women killed her horse. This was on Bones?! Women jockeys and men ponies?! How was what I said any more mind ruining than this episode? In fact, I think men ponies might be a little higher up on the mind scarring side. Good grief, kid!

That’s it! No more Bones for you!

However, if you’re interested in learning more about men ponies, women jockeys, and S&M -> Bones S3 Death in the Saddle

~ SE

Pun Intended

It’s only TUESDAY! It’s ONLY Tuesday! UGGGHHH!

It’s the last week before Christmas break and it’s only TUESDAY! Dear sweet baby Jesus, please let’s just get through the rest of this craptastic and insane week without getting alcohol poisoning. <as I eagerly eye my last bottle of red wine>

Today seriously felt like a sick and twisted school version of a Groundhog’s Day joke. The movie that is. You know the one. Where Bill Murray repeats the same day over…and…over…and…over…again. Well, we’re stuck in a nightmarish school loop otherwise know as the HELL before Christmas! The kids are bonkers. Teachers are snarky. And the few of us who normally laugh at the insanity of school life, have morphed into great green Grinches.  Ba humbug and all that jazz! … and it’s ONLY Tuesday!  <sigh>  I’m so looking forward to 2 full weeks of no lunch and car pick up DUTY! ‘Cause duty is really some stinky dodo!

So, I made it. Survived another day. 3 more to go. And discovered, as I was leaving, a teacher who, like myself, needed some sort of LOL reprieve from the anything but tedium day we had all experienced. And this is what I found her watching…

Now that’s some funny $hit!