Breakfast Skillet


Sundays for me equate to brunch, family time, and simply relaxing before beginning my normal weekly trek back and forth to work. This past week’s been a doozy, too. The kids went back to school the prior week so that meant last week they were in full school mode. And to top it all off, I was miserable from having a summer allergy/cold. Not much cooking was happening in this house last week. Sorry kids. Fend for yourself. Hahaha!

This morning, after relaxing on the balcony with my coffee, I came back inside to Chick #3 asking if she could make breakfast. She’s standing there, looking at me, while holding a bag of frozen tater tots and I’m like – what are you going to make with those?

Cooking is always a blast with the two of us because she truly enjoys it and is actually a really good cook. Chick #1 cooks, too. Her cooking is hit or miss though. Sorry, Chick #1. You know it’s true! And forget about Chick #2 cause that kid can burn water. She literally has.

Anyway, this was what we came up with: A tater tot, veggie, and egg skillet…and it is so easy to make!


Chop up about a cup of your favorite veggies. This creation contains spinach, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. (set these aside)

Add a TBSP margarine or butter to heated pan.

1 cup tater tots or hash browns

Sausage or bacon (as much or as little as you want)


Cheese (if wanted)

Seasons to taste

3-4 TBSP water


Pre cook the meat. Set aside

Cook on medium. Add tater tots or hash browns to the melted butter. If you use tater tots, break them apart as they heat up. Add the veggies. Keep mixing the mixture so that everything cooks evenly. Season. Crumble up the meat and mix into the potatoes and veggies. Before the potatoes get crispy, press them down lightly into the pan. Make sure to fill gaps because you want the eggs to stay on top. Slowly add the eggs to the top of the potatoes. I try to keep the eggs separate so that I can simply cut sections and serve. After adding the eggs, add the water and cover. The water creates steam that cooks the tops of the eggs. I love sunny side eggs but hate oozy, snotty whites. So I started doing this a while back and depending on how long you cover and cook will also depend on how yolky the eggs are. While I like runny yolks, the chicks like their eggs more medium with less runny yolks. Just before the eggs are done add a touch of cheese if you want. Salt/ pepper/ season as desired.


Remove from the heat, cut the potatoes into sections with an egg on top, serve. Enjoy!


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