Ok…so I might have a little bit of road rage.  Just a smidge. Haha! So here I am, cruising along the country back roads at a steady 60 mph and I round a corner to find myself smack up on this monster going barely 40! Holy crap, Batman! And…not only is he going a snail’s pace but he MASSIVELY protrudes into the other lane, making it difficult to see around him.  Nothing irritates me more except maybe the green beetle driving lady who REFUSES to use her CRUISE CONTROL! Seriously? ! Speed up.  Slow down.  Speed up.  Slow down.  I try to pass and she speeds up.  I get back behind her and she slows down!  By the end of my morning commute,  I’m an aggitated mess, want to slap the woman silly and scream, IT’S CALLED CRUISE CONTROL!  I’ll take the combine any day!  At least he knows how to get over so you can pass!  #countryliving

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