Lunch Box Notes

Written 1/28/2015

Lunch box notes or ANY kind of sweet note for that matter, are always a nice “you’re special to me” way to make someone smile. It’s a simple gesture often taken for granted and yet, one that can bring a world of smiles to someone who might be having a bad day.

Coincidentally, I had the same conversation with a man friend telling him how it makes me feel good to send flirty, good morning/ good night messages. It even feels good to send a message that just says you’re thinking about the other person or a joke to make them laugh because, again – you never know what kind of day they are having. Receiving a “note” lets that person know they are cared about and it can change a sour mood into a more pleasant one.

Today, I received an, “I love you & have a good day” lunch box note from chick #3. One simple note made my day and while I sat there eating my lunch, taking a much needed break from all the information overload, I realized there was no way she know I was stressed and on the brink of tears and I thought – I done good with this kid!

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