Introducing the Comedic Crew

Welcome to Three White Chicks and a Hen!

HEN: Me! Mom! She-Ra Cockroach Slayer! Supreme Goddess of Wit, Sarcasm, and just plain – Warped & Stupid Humor.

Chick #1: Allie-A-Bobwa! Owee! The Big AL! Smart Ass Queen! Mini Me Supreme Goddess!

Chick #2: Sass-A-Frass! Kass! Sassy! Drama Jokester Queen Extraordinaire! Goofy Goony!

Chick #3: Liv! Livy Bug! Ollie! The Zany Funny Girl! Purveyor of Randomness! World Renowned Goofball!

That’s us and we never miss a moment where we can cut up, crack up, and double over from laughter ~

This blog came about because over the years, I have used Facebook as a means of posting the many humorous moments in our lives. Nothing is sacred in our home because anything from fearless performances to the crazy things these girls say has been shared with the world. I look at it like this. In a world where there are so many dark and ugly monsters, laughter is the one thing that can brighten the blackest of moods, clear the grayest of skies, provide a single moment of clarity, and bring joy to your soul. Laughter for me helps relieve the chronic stress of everyday life. I’m at my best when I can laugh and these girls help me do that everyday! Together, we are the 4 Amigos, the 4 Musketeers, and the 4 Stooges! We are Three White Chicks and a Hen!

~ SE

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